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Tours & Extensions

La Quinta Country Inn location, in the vicinity of the Sarapiquí River, the Braulio Carrillo National Park and the world wide known La Selva Biological Station, is favored with unique flora and fauna viewing experience.

In our area, we offer our guests with prime spots for fresh water rafting on rapids, ranging from Class I to Class IV, as well as more relaxing experiences through scenic cruises in powerboats, horseback rides, canopy, night tours in the forest, volcanoes, waterfalls and more! Other educational activities are available such as the pineapple tour, chocolate tour or coffee tour.

We will be pleased to help you at the front desk with information and planning for your tours and activities.

The Sarapiqui River

This scenic tropical river has its origins high on the northern slopes of Barva and Poás Volcanoes, but by the time it reaches the San Juan River on the border with Nicaragua, it has received water from as far away as Irazú Volcano via the Sucio River. The Sarapiquí River, which is navigable upstream from the San Juan River (which flows into the Caribbean) as far inland as Puerto Viejo (Old Port) de Sarapiquí at the volcano's base on the northern side, was an important transportation route for those few hardy settlers who first moved into this region. Continuing upstream from Puerto Viejo, the river picks up gradient and becomes one of the country's finest rivers for kayaking and whitewater rafting. The further upstream you go, the more challenging the rapids become.

Boat Ride on the Sarapiquí River


Venture down the Sarapiquí River for an unforgettable two hours ride in a comfortable and safe powerboat. Enjoy more than 200 species of beautiful tropical birds, howler monkeys, sloth, crocodiles and river turtles. We have a flexible schedule starting from 8:30 am through 3:30 pm.

 Ant Colony Tour 

We aim to show you during this visit that the leaf cutter ants are actually a fascinating organization of the high subterranean social level, directed by a queen and with an advanced agricultural systembased on amutual relationship (symbiosis) between the fungus and the ant. 





La Selva Biological Station:

One of the premier neotropical sites for biological studies, La Selva is a Mecca not only for scientists, but also hard-core birders and serious naturalists. The state-of-the-art laboratory facilities on the edge of the rain forest have allowed researchers at La Selva the opportunity to make many exciting new discoveries about the workings of this most incredibly complex and biologically diverse of all the planet's ecosystems. La Selva Biological Station is favored with unique flora and fauna viewing experience. Agouties, sloth, howler and spider monkeys are seen frequently, as well as varied habitats. Nearly half of the 850 pecies of birds in Costa Rica inhabit these lowlands, more than 70 species of bats and five of the six species of cats in the country.

Tirimbina Rainforest Center

Where education, research and striking beauty combine for outstanding encounters with nature. TRC is an internationally recognized, non-profit organization created to conserve the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica; provide environmental education to the local community, students and ecotourists; and accommodate scientific research. Located within the rainforest and river environments of Sarapiquí County, TRC is a Private Wildlife Refuge which protects 345 hectares (852.5 acres) of mid-elevation (pre-montane) forest through which 9km (5½ mi.) of trails pass. One third of the forest is used for ecotourism and environmental education, keeping the majority of the Reserve naturally intact. TRC’s conservation education efforts and beautiful natural rainforest have made it a primary tropical science research center as well as a popular ecotourism travel destination.


Discover the secrets and marvels of one of the favorite foods of human kind.

The Chocolate

Cacao: With its origins in Mesoamerica, with a rich and extraordinary history. The discovery of America took it to Europe, transforming into the product we know today.

The Tour, with duration of three hours includes:

* Guided walk through Tirimbina suspension bridge.
* Cacao plantation.
* Forest and wild species of cacao.
* Natural and cultural history of the cacao.
* Process: From cacao to chocolate (Harvesting, fermentation and dying).
* Chocolate tasting, cacao and organic chocolate productions, produced by Asociación de Mujeres Amazilia del Caribe.

This tour rescues one of our native plants and one of the friendliest crops with the environment.  

  Visit to a local school

This is an activity that we offer as part of our social responsability program. The program is called "Escuelas Felices" "Happy Schools" and we visit 5 schools in our area. The children make a brief presentation for the visitors and then a quick interaction period to take pictures,  sing, eat or play. 

 We ask the visitors to give a donation  and that can be whatever could be useful for the children starting with a pencil and ending with a computer. We coordinate beforehand with the school on their necessities at the moment, and will let the visitors know. For instance some of the things that have been donated are: fans, kitchen utilities, pencils, pilots, paper, notebooks, paint, etc. We have made arrangements for cash donations, for which we give a bonus and improvements have been made to the school building, such as the building of a new schoolroom, the restoration of a ceiling, the paint of a roof, etc.


This is not a tour.  There is no charge for it.  We depend on the approval of the director of the school.

Our only intention is to help the children to have a nice school and cover all the needs they have.

This only applies during school term and is not longer that 1 hour.

Cooking workshop

This activity consists of a guided walk through the trail to end it up at the vegetable garden where people can harvest some of what we have and then we do a cooking workshop where we all learn about the properties of each one of the vegetables and we (staff and guests) all participate cutting, boiling, frying, or whatever is needed to prepare a dish for dinner. In the meantime, we try some other things that we cook while there.

The area for cooking is a beautiful big thatched roof building next to a pond on the trail.
The main dish we usually prepare is a heart of palm dice or a green papaya dice and the snacks we try while cooking are tortillas, fried yuca, fried bread fruit and pineapple.

Walking and planting a native tree

We have assigned an area of La Quinta for reforestation. Since the begining we have been inviting our guests to plant a native tree in order to cooperate with the restoration process of the native flora. We specially plant Almendro de Montaña, to improve the habitat for the Green Macaw.This activity takes place within the property and is reserved only for guest with no cost at all.




Tubing on the Sardinal River

Tubing around Costa Rican rivers is a favorite pastime for locals, and Sarapiquí is one of the best examples of it. That is why we offer you the opportunity to enjoy this safe and fun activity which is recommended for everyone.

To ensure that the ride will be fun, we chose the Sardinal River. The section starts at the community of Las Palmitas and ends at La Quina Country Inn. Total length of ride is approximately 4 kilometers with rapids of class I and II. That is easy and very easy.

The equipment that you will use includes a tube pro made specially to float rivers. It has two handles and a cover, that once in the water acts as a ballast to keep the tube upright. 

This adventure starts with a 25 minutes drive by minibus. A safety orientation will follow and the actual descent takes about two hours. During this tour, you will have the opportuniy to view many of the more that 400 species of birds that live in this area.

For this adventure, make sure to bring:

- River shoes or sandals with straps

- Sun block

- Swimming suit and light clothes to get wet

- Towel and dry clothes to change.

The Original Pineapple Tour

The tour consists of a trip through an active operating pineapple farm. The informed guide gives an interesting talk about the history, cultivation of pineapple and shows all the phases of pineapple growth from sowing to harvest. There is a visit to a packing plant, an ornamental pineapple project and an organic pineapple review. All are invited to enjoy a generous snack of piña colada in fresh fruit, fresh pineapple and freshly made pineapple juice.


 Rafting on the Sarapiquí River


Nearby, on the Sarapiquí River, are prime spots of fresh water rafting on rapids ranging from Class I to Class IV... Arrangemens for this safe but exhilarating and breath-taking adventure can be made at the reception area.

River Class I-II Section - Chilamate - Puerto Viejo

Section for beginners

This 7-mile journey takes you through the small communities of Chilamate and Puerto Viejo. This trip is especially attractive for bird watchers and tropical forest lovers of all ages, including small children.

This section does not require previous experience. The journey takes place aboard inflatable rafts and passengers and take their cameras, video cameras and binoculars with them.

Section La Virgen - Chilamate

River Class II-III

 This 7.5 mile trip takes you through the communities of La Virgen and Chilamate in Sarapiquí. It is a trip especially suitable by crystalline ponds. Along the journey one can enjoy four Class III rapids and about 20 Class II rapids, all of which have a good technical level in this 7.5-mile trip. Half way of the journey on a peaceful pond, passengers can swim and eat the tasty tropical fruits of the season.

Not previous experience required.

Includes: transportation, equipment, guide and fruits.

Horseback Rides


Explore the Sarapiquí Jungle with well-trained and healthy horses, through pristine forest, pastures and rivers.

Wilson's Horseback riding tour

This is a very interesting experience with a cultural exchange as a plus. The two hours horseback riding tour takes place at a local farm with great views and a large forest. The cultural exchange is born out of the possibility of sharing with the tour operators, a peasant Costa Rican family with two children, who at the end of the journey offer visitors their hospitality with home made tortillas and natural juices.

We have very good comments on this tour. It takes place 7 kilometers away from La Quinta. This option is reserved for Spanish speakers or for those traveling with a guide as a translator.

* Minimum of 2 passengers is required

Pozo Azul

This tour combines two hours horseback ride along the Sarapiquí riverside, a visit to a dairy and to several crops characteristic of the area. It includes a bilingual guide. It is located 8 kilometers away from La Quinta.

A minimum of two passengers is required.

Transfer is not included in the rate.

We have a flexible schedule. Tours initiate from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.


This amazing experience consists of 12 zip'lines located in Hacienda La Linda, from which you can enjoy incredible passages through fields of ornamental plants, an exciting tropical rainforest of 114 hectares, as well as the magnificent Sarapiquí River, which we will cross two times during the trip. During this experience, you will be accompanied by experienced guides, using specialized equipment of the hightest quality.

This exciting trip includes:

* All specialized equipment for canopy.
* Special harness for children
* Guides specialized and certified
* Tropical fruit snacs 

Mountain Bike

* Two hours
* Includes equipment, fruits and guides
* All prices are per person. A minimum of two persons is required

Tubing journey in the Sardinal River

The length of this journey is about 300 meters and begins at the entrance of La Quinta´s property.

The equipmet is specially designed for this activity and it is a self-guided tour. You will not be accompanied by guides.

The use of the equipment has not cost for our guests.

We suggest you some places to visit while you are in our area as half day or full day option:

Poas Volcano National Park

Braulio Carrillo National Park

La Paz Waterfall

Arenal Volcano National Park

Aerial Tram

Tortuguero National Park