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In addition to the natural forest and stream buffers the Inn is proud of it’s Heliconia and ornamental flower gardens. A demonstration, organic garden and orchard supplement the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables served at all meals.




Trails at the Inn

A map of the 10-acre La Quinta property identifies the trails that you are encouraged to use for a 20 or 30 minutes self guided walk.

The trails leads you to:
The Gallery
The Butterfly House
The Frog Land
The Vegetable Garden
The Medicinal Plants
The Reforestation Project
The Ponds Area
The Sardinal River

eSPAcio del río

We offer you a very tranquil and beautiful thatched roof spa facing the river, where we offer relaxing massages provided by qualified people by appointment.







Meals include delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, many from our own garden, often rice and beans and main courses carefully prepared by the chef and co-owner Leonardo Jenkins. Of course Costa Rican coffee is available all day long.
Cooking classes are available by special arrangement.

"A typical dinner could be a buffet of grilled steak":
Natural juices.
One salad bar with 12 ingredients:
Lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, harts of palm, carrots, onions, sweet corns, beetroots, eggs and 2 kinds of dressings
Two or three grilled meats:
Chicken, beef or pork
Six garnishments:
Rice, beens, a vegetable with butter, a vegetable omelette, plantains or potatoes, and a vegetable dice.
Tortillas or bread.
Coffee or tea.

Butterfly & Frogs

The La Quinta butterfly garden provides a habitat for many different species of Costa Rican butterflies. It includes both larval and nectar plants which provide nourishment for the butterflies throughout their life cycle. The butterfly garden provides an opportunity for our guests to photograph, enjoy, learn and interact with the butterflies.

The Poison dart frog (Dendrobates pumilio) as well as the green frog (Dendrobates auratus) can be spotted quite easy at La Quinta frog garden. Very active during daylight hours because of the lack of any predators these frogs don’t stay still very long. They can be seen walking, hopping, jumping and climbing or just sitting in a bromeliad.

La Galería

Insects exhibition, art and nature.
The main goal of the exhibition is to allow, as much as possible, visitor to be able to browse the exhibit at their own pace and to absorb as much information as they wish.

The dynamic presentation of the butterflies, beetles and other fascinating rainforest creatures is accomplished in a way you have never experienced before! Special education corners teach about insect camouflage, mimicry, parasitism, protective coloration, shape, prey-predator relationship and tropical biology topics. 

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